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Our busy bees make brilliant honey. Foraging on millions of flowers at our apiaries across northern Aberdeenshire, the bees make honey with a taste and colour characteristic to the flowers they are feeding on at the time. Each batch is therefore unique, as no two sites will have exactly the same floral diversity. As well as making honey, our bees on our smallholding also do the important job of pollinating the fruits and herbs we use in our other products. What superstars!

We produce an early summer light blossom honey and an intense, darker late summer heather honey.

Both are available as 340g jars. 


In season we also sell luxurious cut comb heather honey.

Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb
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Our flavoured vinegars are a flavour explosion. Made with local fruits, herbs, and flowers, they make fantastic salad dressings, marinades and dips. Or why not try our fruit vinegars drizzled over creamy vanilla ice cream? Wherever possible the fruits, herbs, vegetables and flowers for these vinegars are grown on our smallholding, or foraged by us from the local hedgerows.

We sell six flavours of vinegar in 250ml bottles;

Raspberry, Strawberry Balsamic, Blackberry Cider, Elderberry, Elderflower and Hot Chilli.


Shrubs are cordials made of fruit and vinegar. The vinegar preserves the fruit, and makes a drink that is both sweet and sharp, and very fruity. Mixed with sparkling or soda water, they make an exciting tangy soft drink. Mixed into cocktails they add depth of flavour and tangy fruitiness that turns a good cocktail into a great cocktail. See below for some cocktail recipe ideas.

Our shrubs come as 250ml bottles in 10 flavours:

Raspberry and Mint; Blueberry and Lavender; Balsamic Strawberry; Blackcurrant and Fennel; Rhubarb and Orange; Strawberry and Thyme; Rhubarb, Honey and Ginger; Spiced Crab Apple; Gooseberry and Elderflower and our award winning Blackberry and Lime.

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Gin Shrub Tonic

30ml of an assertive Gin - Porters, Granite North or Makar are perfect.

20ml Blackberry and Lime shrub. Adjust to your preference !

150ml Light tonic water

Fever tree Mediterranean or Lone Wolf tonic are both perfect.

Method: Build over plenty ice in a balloon glass, stir lightly to mix.

Garnish: Lime, crushed blackberries in season, red peppercorns.

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Perfecting our shrub cocktails ready for

Udny Clover Club

Sprig of thyme.

1 egg white.

2 shots of Gin (we love Eenoo).

1 shot Raspberry and Mint Shrub.

Smack the thyme between your palms to release the essential oils and drop into a cocktail shaker. Add egg white, cover and shake hard for 20 seconds.

Add the gin and Raspberry and Mint shrub to the shaker, and fill 2/3rds full of ice. Cover and shake hard for another 20 seconds. Double strain into a martini glass, and garnish with a sprig of mint or thyme.



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